The Technotheology Project
By W. J. Laudeman

Explore our reality The Technotheology Project (TTP) is an ongoing study which I began in 1994 to examine the relationship between our present knowledge of quantum physics, cosmology, and the theory of Chaos. These thoughts are formed around my background and education in orthodox Roman Catholic theology; thus Technotheology.

The study takes the form of a working document which I may amend and expand from time to time. It is intended to continue into the foreseeable future.

The bases of this study . . . . .
(A) The Universe is real, and cannot be its own proximate cause.

(B) The universe was therefore created; that Creator I call "God."

(C) There cannot be a conflict between true knowledge of one and true knowledge of the other.

It is my belief that the structure and mechanisms of the real, perceived, measurable (Newtonian) universe must reveal clues as to the purposes of that creation. Farther, current quantum mechanics and sub-atomic particle physics reveal underlying mechanisms (experimentally verifiable, not mere assumptions) that prove the visible (sensible) universe is based entirely on inter-relationships between forces. The TTP, working from these experimentally verifiable physical realities, seeks to develop new viewpoints and to encourage conjecture as to the messages and insights the Creator reveals through His creation, .

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The TTP is open to thinkers of any faith, but be warned that I rely largely on current Roman Catholic theology, and depend upon scientific theories that are verifiable by current mathematics and subject to experimental proof.

If you are curious as to why I felt compelled to produce the TTP, you are invited to read "Cathedrals and Truth."

Constructive comments are welcome: e-mail me.

Bill Laudeman
Chattanooga, September 14, 1999 (Update: June 3, 2007)

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