Book 2 - Glossary and Endnotes
Definitions not noted are from references such as Random House Webster's Dictionary College Edition (Novell-WordPerfect Corp.) The New York Public Library Desk Reference, Second Edition, 1993, Prentice-Hall, New York, NY. Roget's International Thesaurus, Fourth Ed., 1977, Harper & Row., etc.

1. Entropy (EN'truh pee), n
1. a function of thermodynamic variables, as temperature or pressure, that is a measure of the energy that is not available for work in a thermodynamic process. Symbol: S.
2. (in data transmission and information theory) a measure of the loss of information in a transmitted signal or message.
3. (in cosmology) a hypothetical tendency for the universe to attain a state of maximum homogeneity in which all matter is at a uniform temperature < (heat death of the universe) >.

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9. Essential: that which defines the fundamental character of the subject. This is often very far removed from "accidents" which are overlaid on the essence. A chair may be of many shapes, sizes, configurations (accidents,) but there are basic elements of structure which make something a "chair" and nothing else (not simply something upon which you can sit, such as a grand piano or a watermelon.) Determining the essentials of anything is often a taxing task.

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17. Manifestation (manuh fuh stAY'shuhn, -fe-), n. 1. an act of manifesting. 2. the state of being manifested. 3. outward or perceptible indication; materialization: a clear manifestation of the disease. 4. a public demonstration, as for political effect.

18. In the section that follows, it would be good to keep before you paragraphs 238 - 267 of the Catechism. A complete understanding, or at least your acceptance of the essential and central elements of this section, will prevent unnecessary repetition of lessons learned over the past 1900 years.

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