The Technotheology Project
W. J. Laudeman

Contents--a topical outline [Version: 3/18/99]
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BOOK ONE - Basic premises
1. The universe exists
2. God exists

3. Agreement between the universe and theology

4. Applying our senses and intelligence to the study of the physical universe

5. The Creator's characteristics reflected in the Material Universe

    5.1 The Nature of the universe and the Creator's plan.

BOOK TWO - In Four Parts
6. Areas of study
    6.1 Cosmology

        6.1.1 Order, disorder, and the Creator's Plan

   Cosmology's vision of the primal moment

   The totality of time/space/mass/energy unified

    6.2 Particle physics

        6.2.1 The foundations of reality

        6.2.2 Relationships as tangibilities

    6.3 Mathematics

        6.3.1 Chaotic Mathematics: order in randomness

7. Evolution of the material universe
    7.1 Eternity and no-time

    7.2 Interchangeable mass/energy/time/space

8. Relationships--the only reality
    8.1 God

    8.1.1 Father

    8.1.2 Son

    8.1.3 Holy Spirit Jesus Christ

   Mary, Mother of God

8.2 Passive (non-intelligent) creation

8.3 Active creation
    8.3.1 The soul--a relationship between Creator and Created Immaterial intelligences

   Angels and Devils Material intelligences

   Original Sin

9. Living day by day in a universe built from relationships
    9.1 Relating to God

    9.2 Relating to immaterial intelligences

    9.3 Relating to humans

    9.4 Relating to Society as a corporation

    9.5 Relating to passive creation

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