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ALL GOVERNMENT LINK This is an official Federal Government site, created by the President's Management Council, in an effort to help everyone find everything about any governmental agency or activity. WOW! What a task - but it is a good place to start a search for Federal, State, or local government sites.
Home page of The Missionaries of the Blessed Sacrament, which see, below (click on link at left.)
Bishops, National Conference of Catholic The National Conference of Catholic Bishops' Website. The Movie reviews are HERE
Calendar of Feasts and Solemnities Excellent Universal Calendar for Catholic feasts and solemnities. Fully searchable, prints month, year, or day at your option. This is a personal site by a very talented couple.
Catholic Calendar Rosary Page An interesting approach to the "on line Rosary" by the same folks who maintain the Catholic Calendar pages. If you visit, tell them "Thanks" for their untiring efforts and great work on the Internet!
Catholic Information Network Information and links to hundreds of Catholic resources - a good starting point for anyone seeking information about the Church and her teachings.
Catholic Book Publishers Good indexed source of Catholic books to buy direct from the publisher
Catholic Information Center A broad source of Catholic data and links on the Internet - also has a great deal of information on, and links to, Catholic publications.
Chaos Theory An introduction to this field; no math here, but links to more advanced study.
A fascinating example of Catholic Monastic life in the desert of New Mexico. Prior Phil says, "This is a group of Benedictine monks striving to lead a simple life of prayer and love. They are happy to pray for any intention for you and will appreciate your prayers for them." A visit to this Website is highly recommended!
Chattanooga Net General information about the city of Chattanooga. This is a commercial site, not the official City home page.
Christus Rex A well-developed site of general information on Catholic matters and many links to added information. Generally totally trustworthy.
The Dominicans (O.P.) Home page for the Dominican Order in the U.S.
Encyclopedia, Catholic; New Advent THE general Catholic encyclopedia - searchable, indexed. Excellent for research and general knowledge.
Faustina, St. This humble nun, once seen as controversial, but finally canonized April 30, 2000, is the Apostle of Divine Mercy.
Franciscans, St. John the Baptist Province The home page of the Order of Friars Minor (The Franciscans) large Province. Links to all other Franciscan Web sites.
The Abby of Our Lady of Gethsemani (Trappists)

(Or see "Trappist" below.)
Located just south of Bardstown, Kentucky, this is the place that Thomas Merton called the "center of the World." Here, Merton (Fr. Louis in religion) spent most of his life, and here he wrote a dozen books such as Seven Storey Mountain. Your Webmaster admits to a personal love for this place, having made a number of retreats there in years past. Visit their site and learn more about these silent men of God.
Pope John Paul II
Cultural Center
Opened November 2001, the Center will offer state-of-the-art interactive experiences perhaps more similar to what you might find at a fun, family destination than a formal, scholarly museum.
Knights of Columbus The home page of the national Knights of Columbus organization
Maryknoll The Catholic Foreign Mission Society of America's Web site provides information and news about Maryknoll Fathers and Brothers' work in foreign missions, as well as links to other resources.
Mass Times Travelling and need to find a nearby Mass? Search here by zipcode, etc.
Medjugorje Messages The home page of the organization that promotes and propagates the messages believed to be given by Our Lady at Medjugorje.
Monastic Dialog (See "Trappist" also) This is a movement by several monastic orders to form a continuing dialog with other non-Christian monks to explore their differences and similarities in an effort to grow closer in the common worship of the Creator. Thomas Merton was at the forefront of this movement. Merton died while attending a meeting of monks working toward this understanding.
Movie reviews The National Conference of Catholic Bishops' current movie ratings.
Missionaries of the Blessed Sacrament Home page of The Missionaries of the Blessed Sacrament. This is the organization that sent a representative to speak to the parish about starting a Perpetual Adoration program. A good resource for information on Perpetual Adoration.
New Advent's Catholic Encyclopedia A general Catholic encyclopedia - searchable, indexed. Good for research and general knowledge.
OnLine Ministries Creighton University's OnLine Ministries pages - this Jesuit university offers many ways of converting the Internet to the Holy Spirit's purposes.
Perpetual Adoration of the Our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament Excellent treatment of this devotion, with good links to resources and lots of useful content. (Also see Missionaries of the Blessed Sacrament in these links.)
Peter's Net A broad resource for Catholic news, and a huge archive of Catholic documents. Also offers "graded" searchable listing of Catholic Websites of all kinds (at last count some 1700!) Seems to be dependable and quite orthodox, but you must check the rating of sites if you have any concerns about the material you view. This is part of the Trinity Communications "empire" that includes ETWN and more.
St. Francis Net A page in the parish Web site for St. Francis parish in Dracut, Massachusetts. This is a large list of Catholic links - tabulated by subject matter.
Schaaf, Fr. Valentine, O.F.M. A commemorative site for the first American to be appointed Minister-General of the Franciscan Order.
Seniors Search A generally helpful listing of links to programs of benefit to Seniors. An immense resource of links to all kinds of cosmology, physics, science, pseudoscience, philosophical and more on the Web.
The Abbey of Gethsemani, in central Kentucky. Known for their farm products (Port du Salut cheese, Bourbon Fruitcake) and Fr. Louis (Thomas Merton.) The Order of Cistercians of the Strict Observance (OCSO) monks maintain strict silence, glorifying God in the observance of the Divine Office with centuries-old Gregorian plainsong. Visit - learn - buy products, books, records.

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